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The preparation ground coat enamel frits. thus the yield of the cover coat enamel frit was obtained 70%. the frit was ball milled to make 150 meshes. moreover, 300g of cover coat enamel frit, 9 g of 3% clay, 2.5 g of 0.5% bentonite and 50% water was mixed and milling them for 3.5 h to make cover coat enamel slip. ijser
Enamel cover coat frits have good opacity and gloss with clean and fine surface, but they can’t be directly coated on the body metal, they require the matched ground coat frits. the firing temperature of cover coat frit is lower than that of ground coat frit.
Reduce bubbles on cover coat. to ensure the smooth surface of enamel products. 5, with suitable expansion coefficient similar as steel plate. steel plate ground coat frit usage introduction: steel plate ground coat frit is mainly used in low carbon steel plate, with very good adhesion and wide firing temperature range.
It is a soft ground coat frit, can be applied to cookware/stove grill/panel: high temp ni frit: it is a hard ground coat frit, can be applied to cookware/stove grill/panel. sb-mo frit: this sb-mo ground coat frit can be applied to enamel cookware. anti fish scale frit: it is a anti fish scale enamel frit, specially for thick hot rolled steel plate.

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