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Boron carbide is a black crystalline compound, one of the hardest known materials and is the hardest material produced in tonnage quantities. production of boron carbide is by a carbothermal reduction of boron oxide (b2o3), by reacting boron oxide with carbon in an electric arc furnace or by gas reactions to produce coatings directly.
Boron carbide products the advantages of boron carbide products are high hardness, high wear-resistance ability, anti-corrosion, lower cost per use, reducing down time. it is always used fo sandblasting nozzle and mechanical seal materials, nuclear project ceramic product, neutron absorption material, bullet-proof vest, plane and the armour-plate board of tank and other
Zhengzhou haixu abrasives co.,ltd,founded in 1999,is specifized in produdtion of blast media such as fused alumina,silicon carbide,boron carbide etc.
Boron carbide is widely applied as follows: boriding refractory, ion transfusion, film layer as well as grinding, polishing, drilling hard metal alloys, jewels, etc. meanwhile, it is main material for the wear-resisting parts, precise meter-age element, precise spray nozzle, sealed washer, smelting boron steel, boron alloy, etc.

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