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The reason why we choose summer solar water heater products because summer tm solar water heater is the well-know brands in malaysia for more than 30 over years and officially certified by the sirim, suruhanjaya, global mark, water quality australia and best brand in the asia pacific 2016 for malaysian solar hot water heating systems, solar hot ...
The solar collector absorbs sunlight and transfer the heat energy to the hot water storage tank to heat the water stored within. such hot water stored is stagnant and will heat the inner copper coil later when needed. when user requires hot water supply, cold water from pump system or direct supply will be fed into the inner copper coil and heated instantly by the stored hot water
This inner tank is intended for use in atwood water heaters. please ensure part will fit before ordering. made from quality materials. helps you provide comfort and convenience
Hot water is an essential part of the home. even when the shower is not in use, hot water is used by the dishwasher, the washing machine, and the kitchen faucet. that is why it is important to have a water heater that will deliver hot water where and when you need it without costing you a fortune. our selection of heaters do just that.

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