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Barium carbonate powder high purity 99.5% used for glass making and ceramics glazing description barium carbonate (baco3), white heavy powder. dissolve in thin hydrochloric acid, thin nitric acid,alcohol, ...
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Oct 01, 2005u00a0u00b7 barium carbonate is available in many different grades and has a variety of uses in the ceramic and glass industries. for example, barium carbonate powder is used in the production of specialty glasses such as crystal and television glass to decrease solubility, increase density and improve brilliance. barium carbonate is also used to remove sulfates in the brick, tile and ferrite industriesu2026
u2022 glass industry, formula containing various percentages of barium oxide are used for several purposes. to obtain barium oxide of required percentage, barium carbonate is added to the mix. u2022 in the ferrous metallurgy, barium carbonate is used in some systems for steel carborizing. barium carbonateceramic grade u00a0 (abc-c)

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