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Buy the quality and highly effective ceramic glaze frit, ceramic raw material, frit glass, enamel frit, glaze ceramic, ceramic glaze powder, glow ceramic glaze, china glaze, glaze powder for ceramics, ceramic frit glass with our professional manufacturer and supplier. we can also offer you the customized products with competitive price.
We are supplier of drinkware in malaysia including a wide range of mugs, drinking bottles, tumblers, flasks with ready stock in malaysia. we have numerous types of materials including stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium. we can custom print your travel mugs and stainless steel bottles with your company logo.
I’m able to see me in my mind’s eye drinking fresh milk or cold water from enamel mug in the countryside. it’s idyllic, freedom, just pure bliss. the first thing that enamelware brings to mind is tradition it used to be an everyday item in every home, in
Ever since our founders added a fiery orange pigment to their enamel glaze, color has been at the heart of our work. inspirational and impactful, our colors have become as central to our character as our dependable quality.

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