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Boron carbide is a compound that contains boron and carbon, especially b4c; an extremely hard, non-metallic, black crystalline compound or solid solution. only diamond is harder. in addition to its hardness property, boron carbide has the physical properties of corrosion resistance, heat strength, low specific gravity and high elastic modulus.
May 22, 2017 · market research report summary. 2017-2022 malaysia boron carbide market report (status and outlook) report is published on may 22, 2017 and has 111 pages in it. this market research report provides information about reagents, country overview (chemicals), chemicals industry.
B4c (boron carbide) – is a crystalline compound of boron and carbon. it is an extremely hard synthetically produced material. b4c ceramic ensures maximum durability with the lowest weight among other comparables.

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