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20 mule team u00ae borax sodium metaborate, available in 4 mol or 8 mol, is an alkaline salt with excellent buffering capacity. its high solubility enables sodium metaborate to provide a much higher concentration of borate ions in solution than either neobor u00ae or 20 mule team borax decahydrate at the same temperature. as a result, it is an excellent choice for use in starch and u2026
Sx0355 supelco sodium borate, decahydrate meets acs specifications, meets reagent specifications for testing usp/nf monographs gr acs synonym: sodium borate, decahydrate, sodium tetraborate, dodecahydrate, borax cas number 1303-96-4. empirical formula (hill notation) b 4 na 2 o 7 u00b7 10h 2 o molecular weight 381.37 . ec index number 215-540-4
Jan 27, 2020u00a0u00b7 for example, boric acid, sodium octaborate, borax decahydrate, borax pentahydrate, and anhydrous borax. those borates which have had no refinement process. these are called mineral or unrefined borates. examples include hydroboracite, colemanite, and ulexite. borate solubility by type
Gentle cleaning, powerful protection. 20 mule team u00ae borax decahydrate is the refined form of natural sodium borate. composed of boric oxide (b 2o 3 ), sodium oxide, and water, this mild alkaline salt has excellent buffering and fluxing properties.

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