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Enamel frits for carbon steel: enamel frits for cast iron ... [email protected] teluff1a+86-20-34112597. mobuff1a+86-15902024633. ground coat enamel frits. condition:ground coat enamel frits ... high temperature cobalt-nickel ground enamel frit : low temperature antimony molybdenum ground glaze/ enamel frit : low temperature cobalt-nickel ...
Best results are normally obtained if the firing temperature is as low as possible. select enamels which will fire at 1300-1350 0 f for 20 minutes or more. sifting is not an ideal method of applying the first coat. at these low temperatures individual enamel grains do not flow out easily.
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The ground coat adheres well to the steel and other enamels applied as subsequent coats adhere well to the ground coat. low carbon steel is required as other types of steel create too much fire scale for good adherence of the enamel. low carbon steel has a carbon content of .02% to .04%. thompson carries low carbon steel in various sizes. steel should be free of rust, grease or oil. u2026

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