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Wide range of firing temp semi-opaque ceramic glaze frit ys 618. code. ys 618. c.o.e(u00d710-7/u00b0c) 180. whitenes u226585 %. softening point(u00b0c) 700. firing temperature(u00b0c) 1100-1150c. feature. 1.good whiteness, high temperature and low coe. 2.engobe , smooth surface. 3.wide range of firing temperature; excellent flexibility. 4petitive price. application
Lead frit has wide range of firing temperature, it is suitable for tableware ceramics, artistic ceramics, glazed tile, with good brightness, transparency and flatness, it's u2026
Frits & glazes for single-firing (wall tile body) torrecid offers a wide range of ceramic frits for single-firing temperatures (1100u00b0c u2013 1160u00b0c). made with the highest quality raw materials, and subjected to constant, precise tests. they range from glossy frits (transparent and white), to matt (transparent and white), with hard and soft surfaces.
Features: transparent;wide range of firing temperature;glaze specifically for interior wall tiles and wall skirting. the reason you choose us. our staff are professional, sincere and high efficient at work, they communicate with customers in good and polite manner all the time. we respond promptly to your phone calls, emails, fax and letters.

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