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4. spraying process: during the firing process of enamel products, complex physical and chemical reactions occur in the steel plate and enamel frit. this process generates a large amount of gases such as co, co2 and h2, once the baking temperature is too high ,the stomata will increase again.
For enameling of those stainless steels, special enamel frit or even industrial enamel frit is needed, in order to get the strong adherence. this also depends on the shape of products. for example, product in small size, with little demand on impact resistance, can be directly coated with cover coat.
Abstractu2014 vitreous enamel plays an important role in the coating production process in steel-enamel interfaces. in this study a new technology process has been formulated by improved coatings rather than the conventional vitreous coatings.
Steel sheet with porcelain-enamel coating consists of a steel sheet plated with aluminium-zinc alloy and a layer of porcelain enamel coatings as the upper layer of the steel sheet, in which the intermediate layer having good adhesion to the layer of the galvanic coating and the layer of the enamel coating is a layer between these two layers.

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