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Ganguli ceramicsmanufacturer,service provider & exporter of all type of inorganic pigments,frits,frit,glaze frit, india best quality frits manufacturers from kolkata, send requirement detail of frit, frits, glaze frit etc.
Our products have transparent frits, zirconium white frits, semi-white frits, etc. our products have different combustion temperatures, expansion coefficients and softening points, as well as different states and uses. contract us. our company has abundant experience on ceramic frit,if you take an interested our products, we are willing to ...
Transparent frits . transparent frit for once firing (monoporosa & monocuttora) residual > 45 micron
Prince’s range of products is composed of ground coat, transparent, opaque and white frits that are engineered to match desired color, aspect, or effect. prince engineers pemco® frits into a pre-milled, ready-to-use formulation to provide customers with a powder for liquid application.

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