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About enamel frits enamel frit is used to coat a glass-like substance composed of an alkali-boron-silicate system on a metal blank. after being fired, it can be firmly combined with the blank body, and thus has the protective effect and decorative effect on the body.
Cover coat enamel frits: ground coat enamel frits: online chat service contact details. ... medium temp antimony molybdenum enamel frit ... anti fishscale white ground coat enamel: cast-iron white zirconium enamel frit : dull enamel frit : high temperature cobalt-nickel ground enamel frit :
Ground frits: to bond the enamel (a glassy ceramic coating) to iron or to steel, a special ground coat enamel is required. we make the best ground coat enamels in india. our standard ground coat enamel frit, mfhc, a two member ground, gives a u2026
Antimony molybdenum white ground coat: 297.1: 840-870: more: ung-111: medium ground coat: ... cover coat enamel frits: reference no. description: expansion: firing: application: ... mill-adding to a-05 8% good quality titanium dioxide powder . frit slurry fineness: passed on 250 mesh sieve: specific gravity :

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