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National boraxx has products to meet all the requirements of the different industries that consume boron in their productive processes. our main products are boric acid and ulexite which are used in many industrial applications such as:
Met. resources sdn. bhd. is the private limited company which engaged in business of marketing and trading. we are a new establish healthy growing trading on 2008. our malaysia based has links with china, taiwan, india, south east asia europe country for supply products to country. supplies few difference .
Headquartered in malaysia – the emerging manufacturing hub in asean region, the company is equipped with a full facility r&d lab and warehousing capacity to ensure the development as well as enhancement of its products. the r&d department continuously thrives for the manufacturing and development of cost effective metal plating chemistries.
Boric acid chemical pure grade which is widely used in various insecticides, industrial products and nuclear power plants. our range is in the form of colorless crystals or a white powder and is easily soluble in water.

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