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Weyol boron carbide powder nozzle for sandblasting b4c powder nozzle insert , find complete details about weyol boron carbide powder nozzle for sandblasting b4c powder nozzle insert,boron carbide powder b4c for abrasive material refractory additive nuclear industry,special abrasive boron carbide powder from shanghai weyol,supply high quality boron carbide u2026
We offer a large selection of hot press boron carbide (b4c), shape materials for a variety of application including nuclear neutron absorption. boron carbide we offer high quality boron carbide powder, grain sizes from 5 mesh to sub micron, boron content up to 80 %.
Oct 06, 2006u00a0u00b7 feldco international offers high quality boron carbide powder b4c at a very competitive prices. grain size ranges from 5 mesh to 3 micron with boron content up to 80%. high purity/technical grade powder is ready for delivery. composition, properties and applications u2026
Boron carbide is an important material for nuclear applications due to its high neutron absorption property. our vendor doesnu2019t contain decay products with a long half-life and high-energy secondary radioactive materials and is a very stable material. hence it is ideal for use in nuclear applications.

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