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These glazes are fully mixable, so you can create your own unique palette without worrying about how the different glaze chemical will interact! treat your glaze application like a painting session. please note that because the orange and red glazes have a different base, they cannot be cross-blended. use the clear satin base to lighten tones.
Reglaze your cast iron tubs for the following reasons: you have a cast iron tub and reglazing a steel enameled tub is costly. you want to move the tub to any other location in the house. you donu2019t want to mess with the theme of the bathroom by changing the tub. you want to repaint the tub a different color, which you easily can with a cast ...
Try our exclusive line of beautiful cone 6 glazes developed by mark lueders and available only at the ceramic shop. glazes are sold dry by the pound. discount amaco glaze, discount spectrum glaze, 30 % off speedball glaze every day, duncan glaze and more at low prices at the ceramic shop of philadelphia.
You agree that glazes are good. and itu2019s true, these glazes are good. but, when you are looking at all the wonderful surfaces on all the wonderful forms, donu2019t make the mistake of thinking you should mix up a 5-gallon bucket of one of these glazes, plunge an entire kiln load of work into it, planning all the while to go sell the whole load and get rich. yes, these glazes have

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