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Raw material usage and supply in the global capacitor industry: 2013-2018 market outlook ... importance of raw materials (barium carbonate and titanium dioxide) 58
Our expertise in the fields of nano materials, advanced ceramics, rare earth chemicals, thermal spray powders, solid oxide fuel cell (sofc) materials, catalysts, nano-magnetics, electroplating, and biotechnology allows us to supply our customers with barium carbonate of the highest quality and purity at a competitive price.
The carbonate mineral calcite is a calcium carbonate corresponding to the formula caco3 and is one of the most widely distributed minerals on the earth's surface. calcite crystals are hexagonal-rhombohedral, though actual calcite rhombohedrons are rare as natural crystals. it is used as chemical raw material for glass and ceramic industry.
During 2015-2019, the global barium carbonate market grew at a cagr of around 11.8% and is further expected to exhibit a cagr of 6.3% during 2020-2025. its global demand is currently experiencing fastest growth in construction materials (particularly ceramic tiles, glass, bricks and glazes) due to increasing construction activities and the growth of the real estate sector.

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