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Bullseye frits and powders are made from crushed, screened and magnetically cleaned bullseye compatible glass. frits are versatile and can be used in: • pâte de verre and kilncasting. • kilnforming, including “glass sketch” and “painting with light” techniques. • torchworking and blowing, to create colours and patterns on surfaces.
An iso 9001:2001 certified ceramic frits manufacturer, ferro follows stringent guidelines for our supplier selection, frit technology and technical service standards. we offer both leaded and no lead frit varieties available as transparent frits, glossy frits and matt frits designed specifically for double fast firing, single-fired monoporosa ...
When kiln casting, the larger the frit size, the fewer air bubbles that are trapped and the more transparent the final casting will be. smaller frit sizes will produce many tiny bubbles which give the cast piece greater translucence.
White cera is a developing manufacturing company focused on selling high quality base material such glossy frits, satin matt frit, csa powder, high thermal engobe frit, low thermal engobe frit, titanium frit, high glossy gvt transparent frit, gvt base frit, monoporosa opaque frit and transparent frit used in ceramic tiles glaze preparation.

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