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Professional bbq manufacturer in north america mr. jacky .carl. we bought from ferro(usa) before, and we started to try nolifrit 10 years ago, then i never going to change supplier again. nolifrit enamel frit quality stable , and their technical support without any delay.
Name: black rtu enamel powder a-10-3. a-10-3 is pre-grinding black enamel powder which fineness is 30 mesh. there would be 25-30g residue when 100g powder is passed through 140 mesh standard sieve. the coating made of such product has smooth surface, fine adherence, good stability and appropriate glossy could be obtained when firing temperature & time is controlled well.
With a successful history serving the aerospace and commercial industries, jan-kens enameling co., inc. offers top-quality type i and type ii aluminum anodizing services that meet with high industry standards, including all boeing, ps, and military specifications.
Enameling service enamel is made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, this is usually heated around 750-850c once the powder melts it flows and hardens into a smooth durable glass like coating. all colours are available as well as cold cure enameling which is

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