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Enamel color change due to chemical or physical relationships during firing by: bill helwig ... for the base metal oxides to be dispersed through a layer of glass to the extent that they affect the color of a second coat of an enamel. these chemical and physical color changes are, or can be, all interrelated on a single piece. ...
Clear enamel was previously referred to as flux. ... low expansion clear used as a base coat for the crackle technique when liquid form water based enamels are used for the second coat. this enamel will not crackle on itu2019s own. it is also good for a cover coat when working on titanium white steel u2026
Allow the first coat of paint to dry for one to two hours and then apply a second coat of paint using the same application technique. you must apply subsequent coats of paint within four hours. if you miss the four-hour window, you must wait two weeks before applying another coat of paint.
The high modulus of elasticity of steel requires the enamel to have a narrow range of expansion values. enamels which do not fall within the range of 275-330 should be carefully observed for cracking or chipping. on the other hand steel has higher strength both at enameling temperature and at room temperature.

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