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It's antimony white frit, can be applied to subway panel. ivory frits: it is a ivory cover coat frit, can be applied to enamel cookware / bucket / mugs. royal blue cover coat: it's royal blue cover coat frit, can be applied to enamel kettle / cookware. titanium peach frit: it's titanium peach frit, can be applied to enamel cookware. titanium ...
Nowadays, there is a new enamel coating process, which is called direct on one time coating. it has only one coat, can be both ground coat and cover coat, only need one time to coat, and one time firing, then the products can be done. enamel frit manufacturing. enamel frit is glassy state silicate or borosilicate coated on metal body.
Super-white enamel 275.5 800-830 note: mainly titanium and antimony as opacifing agent.with good opacity and luster. as well as fine and smooth-clean surface.colourful cover coat enamels possess bright luster. stable colour shade and good operation.
According to the material of the metal substrate, it can be divided into steel enamel ground coat, cast iron enamel ground coat, stainless steel enamel ground coat, copper and copper alloy enamel ground coat, aluminum and aluminum alloy enamel ground coat, etc.; according to the classification of the adhesive used, it can be divided into cobalt ...

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