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For enamel coating, the pretreatment of metal substrate is one of the most important process.for steel enamel coating, the pretreatment of steel body has different requirement according to different types of steel plate. generally for enamel grade steel like dc01ek, dc04ek or dc06ek, there is only degreasing needed, to move out all the oils on the steel surface.
Austenite stainless steel is not magnetic, with very high coefficient of expansion, special enamel frit must be applied to enamel it. and its firing temperature very high. adherence will be weak with low temperature, as stainless steel inside is not fully oxidized. stainless steel is mainly made of iron, chrome and nickel or iron and chrome.
4, can be both single used or mixed with other frit according to firing temperature. direct-on black frit usage introduction: itu2019s used on low carbon cold rolled steel plate and can get very strong adhesion.
In the design of enamel frit formula, there is a clear difference between steel enamel frit and cast iron enamel frit. for example, the firing temperature of cast iron enamel frit is generally 760 to 780 degree, which is significantly lower than 850 degree high temperature of the steel plate ground coat enamel frit.

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