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Dolomite lime (calcium magnesium carbonate ) is a soil conditioner made from crushed limestone. this agricultural dolomite has 21.8% calcium, 54.7% calcium carbonate and 11.6% magnesium, 40.2% magnesium carbonate. its calcium carbonate equivalent is 103%. the benefits of agricultural lime include: improving the physic
The dolomite is heated to a high temperature to drive off the carbonate as carbon dioxide and the remaining material, a mixture of calcium and magnesium oxides, is blended with carbon and other materials and pressed into blocks for the furnaces.
Phosphorus-free. iron provides nutritive support for healthy oxygen.  dolomite is a form of limestone rich in approximately equal parts of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate. it is found widely throughout the world. dolomitic limestone contains about five times as much magnesium and five eighths as much calcium as ordinary limestone.

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