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Enamel frit is a form of glass bonded to metal on a molecular level at high temperature. this results in a typical and unique composite material of glass and metal, which combines the positive qualities of both materials. specifications of porcelain enamel frit sell enamel frit :
Vitreous enamel panel for subway station wall cladding panel manufacturer china, abrasion resistant. vitreous enamel panel factory china, subway station wall cladding panel, weather resistant and fire resistant.
Spandrel paint colors: oldcastle buildingenvelope u00ae offers a complete line of ceramic enamel frit in the following standard color options: white, charcoal, solargray u00ae, solarbronze u00ae, gray black, black, solex u00ae, ford blue, lava bronze, warm gray and evergreenu2122. custom colors for ceramic enamel frit are also available.
Inorganic chemicals supplier good adhesion royal blue cover coat enamel frit porcelain enamel frit supplier ground coat enamel frits 62.5% response rate contact supplier

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