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Safetyware has own manufacturing plants in malaysia and a wide distribution network across the uk, sg and malaysia. we are the distributor of sundstrom, elvex, 3m, honeywell, gmi, lakeland, brady, weldas, harvik and many more. we offer more than 3000+ types of personal protective equipment (ppe) and instruments.
Each pemco® frit is individually designed to address the complex variables of chemistry and end use application. quality raw materials are blended and melted to create a frit technically adapted for different applications. prince’s range of products is composed of ground coat, transparent, opaque and white frits...
Ceramic frit cannot be applied to the reflective surface of the glass. color predictability. opaci-coat-300® is applied to glass after tempering, which prevents color shifts brought about by very high heat. therefore, the use of opaci-coat-300® may result in a more predictable, desirable color for spandrel glass.
Products + services. the products that surround you in life aren’t built by ferro. but, our functional coatings and color solutions are part of those products – in more ways than you can imagine.

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