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Barium sulfide is the inorganic compound with the formula bas, that is known as black ash for first stage product for manufacturing any barium salt, specially like barium carbonate, barium chloride and it is also used in skin or hair removal with homemade soap is safe then the market creams
Barium carbonate formula:baco3 molecular weight: 197.35 property: white powder, soluble in acid, insoluble in water and alcohol packa ge: 25kg or 1000kg bags specifications: gb/t1614-1999 item specification main content (on baco 3 basis) 99.2% min moisture 0.3% max total sulphur (on so 4 basis) 0.3% max hci insoluble matters 0.25% max iron (on fe basis) 0.004% max bulk u2026
Oct 10, 2017u00a0u00b7 barium chlorideu2019s formula is bacl2. chlorine is a halogen and forms an ion with a -1 charge. so it takes two chloride ions to match the +2 charge on the barium ion. the formula for barium chloride is bacl2. the formulas are similar in that it takes two anions to balance the cation (ba+2) in each compound.
0.06 mg barium/animal (as barium carbonate) was given im to rats (strain not given). most of the dose was resorbed from the injection site within 3 days. 20% of the initial dose remained in the body (mostly in the skeleton) after 280 days. average barium carbonate concentration at 1 hr was 50% that of barium chloride.

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