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High-purity basic magnesium carbonate fine powder isolated from seawater using our original star gold star is characterized by high translucency when blended with natural rubber.heavy type heavy type has a low bulk density and fewer impurities than ordinary products. powder type is also available.
Dsp magnesia aka magnesium oxide / carbonate are used in ceramic bodies and glazes, in flux and it imparts a white color.
The materials that involved in this experiment were alumina ceramics and magnesium oxide (mgo). alumina ceramics have high melting temperatures, hot and cold mechanical strength and are good for abrasion and corrosion resistant applications. the main objectives of this study are to determine the effectiveness of sintering aid for alumina where alumina is doping with magnesium oxide
Magnesium carbonate is a chemical compound mgco 3, a white solid occurring in nature as a mineral. magnesite occurs in ultramafic rocks and in contact rocks in regional metamorphic terrains, in their carbonate form (mgco 3). magnesium has two lines of magnesium carbonate known as mag-m and mag-p, which have a great granulometry diversity.

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