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Houdiniu2122 glass. bendheim's houdiniu2122 ultra-privacy architectural glass delivers a sense of complete privacy combined with ample daylight. the low-iron, ultra-clear glass lets in maximum light, while its fine, micro-fluted surface reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it.
Diamond grinding wheels: we manufacture frits for making diamond grinding wheels. this frit powder melts around 650 degrees. this frit can be used along with other bonding materials ; paint industry: futura ceramics make frits for high temperature paint purpose also. this material is supplied in powder having less than 20 micron size.
Ceramic raw material opaque white glass frits. ceramic milky-white frits,low temperature opaque highly-bright frit has good whiteness and a wide range of application, suitable for interior wall frit.
Ceramic frit. the ceramic frit is a glass-like material made of several elements. those elements are first melted and then quenched to form the frit. the frit is insoluble in water and its property is stable. it can form a thin layer of glass-like substance on u2026

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