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Abconcrete nuclear reactors could be improved in terms of life safety by adding boron carbide. this study presents an experimental investigation of the physical, mechanical and microstructural properties of portland cement concrete containing boron carbide (b4c) as a neutron radiation-absorbing material for nuclear reactor applications.
Boron carbide to meet customer requirements. 3m 10b enriched boron carbide is available in quantities from a few hundred grams to thousands of kilograms. it is packaged in fiber drums or poly bottles, protected by a vapor barrier bag. certified isotopic, spectographic, and total boron and total carbon analyses are provided with every lot.
Boron carbide finds extensive applications in the hard metals (carbides) industry, in the production of tools & machine components, in finishing/lapping of numerous items, in ultrasonic drilling, in nuclear reactors for neutron absorption as an antioxidant in refractories, in welding for manufacturing hard facing electrodes and also in rocket ...
Us government export license required for all exports outside the usa. specifications of general use boron carbide: typical packaging: depends on quantity ordered ; odor: odorless ; safety: avoid breathing dust; wear protective gear ; purity: 98% b + c minimum ; melting point: 2723 ??f ; custom gradation available? yes ; nickname: b4c, black diamond

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