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Porcelain enamel frit, vitreous enamel, porcelain enamel, blue porcelain, white porcelain, paste porcelain, meissen porcelain, glaze, clay, glass, soapstone, lime, chemical properties 1) enamel powder often is applied as a paste, and may be transparent or opaque when fired; vitreous enamel can be applied to most metals.
Aga vitreous enamel is comprised of a frit, which is a compound of natural minerals includingu00a0glass particles and au00a0blend of metal oxides, this is colour matched and mixed to create the characteristic aga colour shades. multiple coats of the enamel are then applied, layer upon layer, and kiln-fired each time.
Paints cannot be vitreous enamel. they do not have the hardness, heat resistance and colour stability that is only available with real vitreous enamel. beware of companies or products implying the use of enamel. check their credentials and warranties. vitreous enamel is part of everyday life and found all around us.
It is a soft ground coat frit, can be applied to cookware/stove grill/panel: high temp ni frit: it is a hard ground coat frit, can be applied to cookware/stove grill/panel. sb-mo frit: this sb-mo ground coat frit can be applied to enamel cookware. anti fish scale frit: it is a anti fish scale enamel frit, specially for thick hot rolled steel plate.

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