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Boron carbide, b4c, is an extremely hard ceramic material discovered in 1899. it is the third hardest materials known, after diamond and cubic boron nitride. the mohs hardness of this boron carbide ceramic is about 9.49 and it was applied widely in
Boron carbide defence. our vendor is a vertically integrated manufacturer of raw powders, sintered and hot pressed ceramics for their patented armor technology. whether it is body armor plates with compound curvature, tile products for mosaic armor construction, or large plates for panel systems and aircraft armor.
Technical ceramics of boron carbide and silicon carbide increases security as body armor, as well as in aircrafts and vehicles at offensive fire.
For most ballistic applications, boron carbide remains the ultimate armour material of choice – it is one of the hardest ceramic materials (see table 1), falling just short of diamond and cubic boron nitride, and, because of its low density (∼2,520 kg m −3), it has a very attractive set of specific properties for body armour systems .

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