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Supply mnco3 598-62-9 manganese carbonate for feed additives with competitive price
Manganese carbonate molecular formula: mnco3 molecular weight: 114.95 cas no: [598-62-9] properties: fine, pink, light brown powder. odorless, insoluble in water. uses : the material of ferrite for electrical equipment, industrial manganese carbonate used as catalyst, pigment, drier, the material of manganese salts, or used in medicine, mechanical parts and phosphating process.
Manganese carbonate powder. industrial grade 43.5% mn mangaense carbonate dry powder einecs:209-942-9 mnco3. electric grade mnco3 manganese carbonate powder ferrite for electrical equipment. industrial manganous carbonate powder for pigment, mnco3 cas no: 598 62 9 fr china. phosphorous acid
Mnco3 manganese carbonate dry & wet powder 43.5-44% manganese carbonate fertilizer application brown powder mnco3 raw material manganese carbonate is a brown solid with the chemical formula mnco3. its iupac ...

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