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This kind of nozzle is made from boron carbide by hot pressing with straight bore and venturi bore type. because of its hardness, low density, high temperature resistance, excellent wear and anti-corrosion, boron carbide nozzle has been widely used in sandblasting and shot peening equipments, offering a longest life with optimum air and abrasive use.
Boron carbide, b4c, is an extremely hard ceramic material discovered in 1899. it is the third hardest materials known, after diamond and cubic boron nitride. the mohs hardness of this boron carbide ceramic is about 9.49 and it was applied widely in industries as wearing resistant material
Applications high temperature thermoelements boron source to produce other boron compounds abrasive grit or powder (grinding, lapping, polishing) light weight ceramic armor neutron shielding material metal infiltration sintering and hot pressing powder for the manufacture of sintered boron carbide parts specs: +2-5mm chemical: total boron 75%min,si 0.5%max, b2o3
China biggest factory control nuclear material b4c boron carbide nozzle for sandblast; boron carbide blast nozzle/sand blasting nozzle; chinese supplier supply hot sale 25kg paper bag boron carbide ceramic sandblast nozzle for welding electrodes; gun machine gun head boron carbide sandblasting nozzle; best quality in china secure payment industrial grade b4c sandblast boron carbide

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