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Stanford advanced materials (sam) supplies lithium iron phosphate powder in various sizes and purities. related products: lithium carbonate (li2co3), lithium titanate (li2tio3), lithium vanadate (livo3), lithium manganate (limn2o4), lithium telluride (li2te)
High purity lithium carbonate 99.99%, us $ 3240 / kilogram, carbonate, carbonate, jiangxi, china, jiangxi, china (mainland), lithium, carbonate.source from jiangxi ...
Sodium carbonate is used by the cotton industry to neutralize the sulfuric acid needed for acid delinting of fuzzy cottonseed. sodium carbonate, in a solution with common salt, may be used for cleaning silver. in a nonreactive container (glass, plastic, or ceramic), aluminium foil and the silver object are immersed in the hot salt solution.

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